Moshe Yanovskiy

Закладка в книжке:

The Progressive era was … the end of era of congressional dominance of national government … expanding role of President … brought a significant and permanent change to legislative process. Henceforth, important legislative proposals would increasingly originate with the president and the bureaucracy, and those origins would bring new statutory forms. Rather than embody precise list of prohibited actions and penalties that could be invoked in court by the victims … regulatory laws would increasingly rely on vague mandates (like “promoting of fair competition”) that left major discretion to presidentially appointed bureaucrats who would determine the meaning, targets, and enforcement methods of the law.
Sanders Elizabeth. “Economic Regulation in the Progressive era.” Ch. 20 in American Congress. Building of Democracy, edited by Zelizer Julian E. Boston – New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2004. pp. 337-338

Как всеобщее избирательное право в сочетании с автономией чиновников от избираемых политиков заложили основу раздутого и преднамеренно паршивого законодательства дающего огромную власть и простор для "творческой инициативы" бюрократов.

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