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ЧчОрная тетка - королева с армией амазонок! Понятно что бешеные леваки от ... как бы "культуры" такой сюжет обойти не могли. Тут правда злые издеваются, приводя некоторые подробности: королевство Дагомея экспортировало главным образом, черных рабов. От постоянных войн при добыче этого "полезного ископаемого" мужчин стало не хватать. Отсюда идея мобилизовать и дам. Но не помогло в конце концов.
The upcoming movie "The Woman King" looks primed to sanitize the history of a brutal African kingdom based solely on the fact it had black, female soldiers.
Dahomey had to field the anomalous Amazonian army not because the kingdom had modern sensibilities, but because so many of its men were slaughtered in pursuit of expansion that it was forced to conscript women.
Из справки Британской энциклопедии (полу-политкорректной):
Agaja (вождь загорелозадых в Дагомее), eager to buy arms from European traders on the Gulf of Guinea coast, conquered Allada (1724) and Whydah (1727), where European forts had already been established. The enlarged state was called Dahomey; Abomey, Allada, and Whydah were its provinces. Thriving on the sale of slaves to the Europeans, the Kingdom of Dahomey prospered
Но как обычно пришли белые люди и все испортили 🙂
... the kingdom’s fortunes changed as Britain succeeded in putting an end to the overseas slave trade.
Монте-кристам пришлось вместо рабов торговать пальмовым маслом.

Woke Hollywood Celebrates Slavers Because They’re Black Women
The upcoming "historical" movie “The Woman King” tries to hide an African kingdom’s connection to slavery.
Dahomey | historical kingdom, Africa
Dahomey, kingdom in western Africa that flourished in the 18th and 19th centuries in the region that is now southern Be…
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